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Trump's cruel budget seeks huge cuts to disease prevention and medical research departments (WaPo) -->
"In the hundreds of Trump’s phone calls I listened in on with his consent, and the dozens of meetings I attended with him, I can never remember anyone disagreeing with him about anything. The same climate of fear and paranoia appears to have taken root in his White House." (Author of The Art of the Deal) -- >

"Pay Trump Bribes Here" Was Projected Across The Entrance Of Trump's DC Hotel (Buzzfeed) -->
“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” said the House Majority Leader to his colleagues -- >
How Did Republican Toadies Evolve? (Krugman - NY Times) -->
A congressman said making a man get maternity insurance was ‘crazy.’ One woman’s reply went viral -->
"The skimpy one-page tax proposal the Trump administration released is, by any historical standard, a laughable stunt by a gang of plutocrats looking to enrich themselves" (Editorial - The New York Times) --->
Torch-Wielding, Trump-Supporting, White Supremacists March on Charlottesville -->
The most popular politician in the country examines Trump's First 100 Days (video) --->
Drug companies go after drug-price reduction bill. (The Intercept) --->
Democrats let their grass roots lead and win, watching as a roiling, well-organized “resistance” bombarded Republicans with calls and filled their town hall meetings with skeptics. (Photo: Damon Winter/ NY Times) -->
Welcome to your hub for the fight against the racist, authoritarian Trump White House. We'll reveal everything you need to stay current. And we'll point out how you can fight back right now.
Bernie chats with investigative journalist Jane Mayer, author of 'Dark Money', to discuss money in politics and the influence of the Koch Brothers. -->
Putin's henchman, Vladislav Surkov, invented all the opposition parties and then controlled them from his office like one big reality show. He called it, "Managed Democracy." Today, nothing has changed. (This American Life) -->
In 1974 Arthur Laffer sketched a curve on a napkin, theorizing tax cuts pay for themselves. Four decades later we know, it "produced only mushrooming national debt and record-high income inequality." (Jon Perr on Daily Kos) --->
“This is a bunch of scumbags!"
Rep Maxine Waters (D) California expressing her alarm at Trump's growing list of associates who have had ties with Russia. -->
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