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Hiding In Plain Sight by Sarah Kendzior
Gaslit Nation on Trump's long Russian connection.
To elect Joe Biden for President
To the opponents of Swing District Republicans who voted for Trumpcare
Author of Democracy In Chains explains the Right's stealth campaign to sabotage our democracy.
To Stopping Trumpcare
The famous Indivisible Guide where former congressional staffers reveal powerful "Tea Party" tactics for making Congress listen. Indivisible
Trump's hotels and products. grabyourwallet.com
For Progressive Candidates in your closest swing district. SwingLeft
6-Week Summer Fellowship
Powerful Russian Meddling Report
The Trump Investigative Fund. ThinkProgress
Letters to the Editor. Helpful Do's and Don'ts. OFA
A special prosecutor on Trump's Russian connections. ACLU
Rachel Maddow on Trump's deep ties to Russia. MSNBC
Import safe, affordable prescription drugs. CREDO Action
Planned Parenthood as a Core Supporter. Planned Parenthood
The Republican plan to defund the arts. Americans for the Arts
Your Elected Officials, contact info, bills they've introduced, committees they serve on, and political contributions they've received. Common Cause
Trump's declining poll numbers. FiveThirtyEight
189 non-violent methods to overthrow a dictator.
Emily's List trains pro-choice women to win elections. Why not you? Emily's List
for Civil Disobedience. 350.org
Emergency call with Indivisible team to fight Obamacare repeal. Indivisible
If your bank gets a D- for its funding of fossil fuels. Rainforest Action Network
To your calendar upcoming Progressive events.
Your donation between multiple groups with one check.
This Democrat won a landslide in deep-red Oklahoma. HuffPost
White House Staff financial disclosure forms.
Halt Trump's decimation of environmental regulations. NRDC
Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training. Climate Reality
Trump's growing network of detention centers where we imprison immigrants. Detention Watch Network
The nuts and bolts of running – and winning – a progressive campaign. Wellstone
Healthcare from Members of Congress and their families. Daily Kos
Dark Money by Jane Mayer. Learn how wealthy individuals with extreme views hijacked our political system. Jane Mayer
Along with SNL. Satire is the best antidote for dictators. SNL
Obscene executive pay. AFL·CIO
A library of exemplary legislation and policy reports. State Innovation
With fairness, equality, and environmental sustainability. Tides
Your Representatives with this handy cheat sheet. Indivisible
Yourself from a digital strip search.
Congressional leaders to save healthcare. Sign up for shifts. Get tips and tactics. MoveOn.org